Our Philosophy

Successful restaurateurs understand the need to focus on their customers, not on their point of sale systems. Dinerware understands that too. Here's how to help:

  • By running on Microsoft Windows, Dinerware takes advantage of the reliability and security that we have all come to expect from the software.
  • Building Dinerware on the Microsoft SQL Server relational database management system means faster system response and less time waiting on your workstation, while SQL grows effortlessly at the pace of your business, further eliminating unnecessary slowdowns.
  • Using the .Net programming framework makes it easier and faster for developers to create and integrate solutions to enhance our customers' businesses.
  • The virtual client enables external applications to interact with the Dinerware POS system in a variety of ways, allowing developers to create applications which can send and receive data without installing dedicated data transfer utilities.
  • The Online Business Portal hosted service application enables remote authentications, as well as handling all license requests, allowing you to access your Dinerware software, our customer portal, Home Office, ISV information, and other password-protected Dinerware features.