Developer Overview

Our customers want the ability to choose the applications and service providers they work with to support their restaurants into the future. Dinerware’s extensible platform provides our customers and developers the flexibility you need to help them realize these goals.

Whatever your interest and expertise is, the breadth of our APIs covers most of the scenarios we’ve heard about from developers. Some examples include:

  • Mobile ordering
  • Customer loyalty
  • Mobile payments
  • Labour scheduling
  • Food costing
  • Digital signage
  • Video surveillance
  • Liquor control
  • Accounting package 

Dinerware provides developers with free access to our full set of supported APIs for purposes of extending, customizing, and integrating Dinerware software. For those developers interested in certifying their solutions and being featured on our website, we offer an ISV programme with broader access to Dinerware developer support and certification resources.

If you’re interested in building great restaurant applications on the Dinerware platform or if you just want to see our APIs, contact us to register for a developer account on our partner portal today.