Dinerware Online Ordering (DOLO)

Forget phone or even fax orders. Today's generation of diners want to order online, through their computers, tablets or smart phones. And with Dinerware Online Ordering (DOLO) installed, your restaurant is ready for all eventualities.

  • Use the Internet to set your delivery settings with Google Maps.
  • Send alerts to smart phones, and automatically sync menu changes.
  • Post your link on your website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, industry blogs - anywhere.
  • Online orders routed directly to the kitchen from your Dinerware system.
  • Needs no extra steps or staff.
  • Uses your Dinerware system's existing credit card integration, with no need for a second merchant account.
  • Your Dinerware menu is linked directly to the web ordering service.
  • Customers browse the menu, add items and modifiers and securely place orders directly from the web.
  • Updates to your Dinerware system are pushed to the web service twice a day.
  • No loss of orders.

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